Water Treatment Plant Redesign

Location: Breckenridge, MN

About the Project

The City of Breckenridge’s 79-year-old water treatment plant was in such disrepair that it was featured in a segment on crumbling infrastructure on CBS Sunday Morning, a nationally broadcast television news show.

A competing firm originally designed a plant for the City and the bid came in several million dollars over the master plan estimate. At that point, the City decided to release that engineer and interview for a replacement. After proposals and interviews, the City hired Ulteig to value-engineer and build a new, more reliable and efficient source
of potable water for this community of 3,500 residents. The 1,000-gallon-per-minute water treatment plant needed to incorporate advanced lime-softening technology to remove iron, manganese and other hardening elements from the water.

In contrast to the original design, Ulteig applied its extensive experience, expertise and process efficiency to stay well below budget. As part of the Drinking Water Revolving Fund Program, the City received $5,000,000 in Principal Forgiveness Grants. Construction started on the new water treatment plant in September 2017 and is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of October 2018.

Project Photos