Ulteig has the expertise and capabilities to work on a variety of communications projects including the physical installation of cellular, microwave, and fiber optic solutions, along with the associated network engineering and integration.

Our expertise includes the following technologies which we can apply to full service telecomm projects:

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Ulteig delivers innovative telecommunication solutions for:

  • Electric Utilities
  • Water
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecom Service Providers
  • Cellular Carriers
  • Transportation
  • Municipals


The unparalleled customer service our clients receive continues to keep us - and our clients - ahead of the game. From concept through construction and beyond, Ulteig has the experience to deliver the communication solutions you need in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  Why is our customer service unparalleled?

Ulteig is a nimble full service firm that competes directly with larger companies.  Full service means we are multi-discipline and can execute entire projects from planning to IFC with construction and testing support.  Our leg up is we can operate without the inherent inefficiencies in a large organization.

We utilize “client focused” teams, which stick together project to project, becoming familiar with client design requirements and drafting standards.  Due to our organic structure and client focus, we are able to efficiently produce a high quality product.  Other, often larger, organizations build knowledge silos in various departments and matrix together special purpose teams under a project manager on a per-project basis. These organizations seek production economies of scale, but often have to sacrifice quality.  They often try to commoditize their internal resources. Smaller firms seek to have a single engineer perform all work on an individual project. At Ulteig, we recognize the unique nature of our client base and try to develop team competencies which fit the clients and type of work the team is serving.  We’re efficient, responsive and provide a high quality product.